Sunday, January 02, 2011

Eat, drink, eat, repeat. So very awesome to go back to ChurChur and see the fam and the girls, get pissed and see the boys, and wake up with a peanut wedged between my breasts. Earthquakes that interrupt my Boxing Day hangover, however, are not very awesome. I finally get it now.

Back to Melbourne, gin, perfume and e-passports - and then straight down to the Peninsula for more chillaxing, some sunburn and some NYE festivities. Tired of doing nothing but eat, Mould, Beej and I popped off to Cape Schanck this arvo, all v lovely, and chased it with some picnic munchies.

A pile of ironing is looking at me, but as I have one box of cereal and some cheese singles in the house, it could be time for some supermachet. Sigh, chores.