Friday, December 24, 2010

Despite nearly 7 years residing in Melbourne, I will never get the appeal of, or interest in, naked hotel photos of AFL players. I. Just. Don't. Geddit. A 17 year old slapper screws a footy player and now wants some revenge facebook stylez. (In other news, the world is round.) Tragically, some 30 refugees died off Christmas Island last week, and this is what makes the news? For shame.

Popping off to airport in three hours and then toddling off back NuZilland, via obligatory bottles for grandfather and father, and possibly a perfumed treat for me. Currently in office, waiting for Boss to show his face and accept his yearly tie.

It's been a really good year, stressful at times, but somehow I feel more at peace than I have been in years. There isn't much that life can throw at me that I can't handle.

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Imogen said...

Bloody hell you are funny. Just stumbled into it... I'm so going to read your blog every day.

It's tops.