Monday, January 03, 2011

Have only a couple of resolutions this year. One is to be nicer to people.

But that's only in person, and this is my blog where sarcasm is all I have got, so I would just like to comment on this current (i.e. for the last 3 years) trend of sending those ever so sincere texts to your entire phone list along the lines of '2011 is going to be awesome and I hope to share new experiences with you'.

(Oh, sod off Mr Earnest F. Ucker. However, some good ones were beeped through during the course of the evening. Marsy's was quite good: 'Welcome to 2011, I have herpes and you might have it too. Best get it checked out. Happy New Year!')

The other resolution is to learn how to blow dry my hair properly. Mario totally fringed me last time, and although I quite like it, it takes ages for me to get right. First step is find the hairdryer. Have narrowed it down, it's in my room 'somewhere'.