Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Time of year to be thankful. I was just thinking about this on the treadmill (5 k in 33 min, go me) about all the things I am grateful for. For instance:

- I am grateful for the fact I live in a lovely city where you are about 10 metres away from a decent latte at any one time
- I am grateful for my nice hair and my new fringe
- I am grateful for control underwear and wrap dresses, covering a multitude of (festive) sins
- I am grateful for the fact I can run a fair distance
- I am grateful for the lovely house to live in, with nice flatmates (one of whom gave me a Summer Heights High keyring this morning, as she is awesome)
- I have a brilliant family, and lovely parents who encourage me in everything I do as long as I am happy
- I have the best group of girlfriends on the planet. You couldn't buy a better group of women, I swear
- I have a job that interests me and a boss who doesn't mind the odd drink
- I am grateful got to go to Thailand this year and spend some time with my sister
- I am grateful that one of the best sushi joints in Melbourne is next door to my office building. Tuna roll coming up.