Friday, September 03, 2010

Things were getting a bit boring this week, so thought I would liven things up by slicing up my left index finger with a sharp object. Stupid thing bled for hours. Index fingers are quite useful you know, for typing and doing up bras and applying dove summer glow. A nice woman at the gym had to hook me up the other night after watching me struggle for 5 minutes. Not my finest moment.

Also, this episode has reinforced the fact I am a sissy. I hate the sight and smell of blood. It makes me feel faint.

Boss helped in his own little way by standing on my foot to try and divert me from pain in finger. I slapped him round the head with my folio. We have a relaxed office.

PS: I am a clothes whore horse, so naturally I find this awesome. The amount of times I have to have things tailored helps my Chinese lady friend at SSS pay her mortgage off.

PPS: No more clothes shopping til Thailand. Seriously.