Sunday, August 15, 2010

My dear father is off to ride the route 66 in the States next month, and due to various (motorcycle) injuries over the last couple of years, has been 'forced' to shell out on business class seast to LA, and is looking particularly smug about it. I for one am pleased I have never flown business class cos that way I don't know what I am missing. And anyway, I would miss out on the delights of cattleclass, including an adorable group of snowboarders from Hoppers Crossing sitting behind me, e.g. on Wednesday. Said group of boys, bless them, drank most of their duty free during the journey, while asking such probing questions such as:
'May I borrow your pen?'
'Will you carry this through customs for me?'
'What sort of threesome is the best do you think? You with another chick, or you with two boys?'

Physically disastrous today due to overimbibing last night, however well worth it to tick off some winnie bagoes and some girlfriend time, even if Baggage was conspicuous by her absence.

Airport at 4 tomorrow morning and then a looooong day at work.