Sunday, June 06, 2010

For shites and giggles

Once more I find some stuff I posted but didn't publish from 2008. Why not share? Sharing is caring. Except when it's your flatmate's toothbrush and contraceptive pills. Then sharing is not the best idea you have this week.


It is of some interest to me that quite a few people (at least five people) despite knowing I am in Dublin, have done the following:
a) ask me how the UK is
b) blame the Royal Mail for packages not arriving (yes, HBag, am looking at you.)
c) address mail to me thus: Dublin, United Kingdom (no, really, this actually has happened)
Honestly, are you people taking the piss, 'messin' as they call it here, or what?
Here is your handy guide to the United kingdom and Ireland. Two seperate countries.
This is the United Kingdom. This does, admittedly, include most of the province of Ulster in the very north of the Ireland. This is referred to as Northern Ireland and is a distinct different part of Ireland. The United Kingdom is home to about 55 million people, and is responsible for such things as Jade Goody, a smelly yucky concept of the Tube, chavs, Emmerdale Farm and tasteless stodge.
This is the Republic (hint is in the term REPUBLIC) of Ireland. It has not been part of the United Kingdom since 1927, and it is not part of the Commonwealth. It is home to such lovely lovely things as U2, blood red skies at sunset, Hap'enny bridge, Jason Byrne, Guinness, Bulmers, Irish stew, soda bread, The Stags Head, and Paddy's Gaf in Rathgar.
Irish Residential Engineer (RE) just said 'well to be honest, we never submitted to being part of England, it was just they had more guns for hundreds of years'.

So, what have we learnt today?

1.Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom, apart from wedge of the North, this has caused problems in the past (which you may have heard about)
2.You would be strongly advised against making the above mistake I have just related in Ireland itself to any Irish person
3. Irish RE's are lovely. But this one has a girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog! Ah ... Dublin!

Tully said...

A guy in the US asked me the other day how the queen was... and Australia is a little further away from England than Ireland, so I understand! :-)