Monday, August 30, 2004

Do's and don't of shifting house

- don't go out and get drunk the night before
- do get home before midnight
- don't leave packing til literally the last minute
- don't get these people to help you shift
- don't trust Zaff and his father in law assam to turn up less than 3 hours late

Anyway, so I am now in situ, in Richmond. 15 mins walk from MCG, 10 mins to town by tram, 5 mins walk from Bridge Road, and 1 min walk from nearest pub! Best bit is being only one tram ride away from work. I got there so early this morning. Spent the weekend unpacking, organising myself, trying to assemble bookcae, not being able to assemble bookcase, kicking bookcase, and walking up and down Bridge Road, drinking coffee and shopping for new bits and pieces for my room. Nice.

Enough about me. The Olympics are over, (NZ won three gold medals, people. THREE!) and, the federal election has been called for the 9th October. But I can't vote here anyway. Apart from for Big Brother, and Australian Idol.

And according to Rose, I have to come up with some goss. And as I don't have any, it will have to be about other people.

- James got a woman's phone number on Saturday night. At least, we think she was a woman. Tbc...
- Bel and J have spilt up for the 40th time this month
- Paul (new flattie) got "roped in" to going to a Lesbian bar on Saturday night
- Dougie spewed, blamed it on the cake
- I am actually going to miss living with Phillie but don't tell her that.

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