Monday, September 06, 2004

Best thing about Richmond has to be the proliferation of pubs. It is an old working-class suburb, so there is one on every corner, and one of them, the All Nations Hotel, is literally 30 second walk from our front door. Saturday night popped down for a quiet beer at 8pm as had nothing else to do (housemates were out - Katie was on a date, Pauly was out celebrating Essendon Victory), and got home at 3am. Sober state not helped by Barman Tony, who would say nasty things like "I thought Kiwis could drink," when I politely refuse 8th pot of the evening. After he kicked us out for being disorderly, we popped down Victoria Street to the posh "Vic Bar", which had lots of pretty young things for us all to mock and feel inferior about, and then to the Hallowed premises of the Terminus, (aka "Termy") one of Melbourne's most notorious pick-up joints. Fortunatly (or is that unfortunatly?) I was taking it easy because of disgestive complaint during preceeding week, so watched everyone else get drunk around me. There were heart to heart conferences, the conversation topics got dirtier ("So, like, I was asexual for awhile, and now I can do it 4 times a night!"), and Dougie continued to threaten to take his t-shirt and perform on the dance floor. (He is a nut. He is currently unemployed, living off 6 weeks' holiday pay, and spends his days drinking beer and/or mountain bike riding. He is very entertaining.)

So quite a nice evening really. Coma interrupted at 12.30pm next day by Abbey ringing from the car to tell me to hurry up and get dressed as her and Yoss were coming to pick me up and take me to Williamstown for lunch. Eventually when they found my house (Richmond being a rabbit warren of skinny one way streets) I was dressed and hungover, and ready for some good hung munchies, in true Sunday tradition. Willy Town is lovely in the sun on a Sunday, except everyone had the same idea as us and it was hard to find a table.

So, that was my weekend. Oh, 'cept I got to go to Chadstone Mall ("Chaddie") with Katie for essential pre-date prep. Chaddie is cool, it is posh and impressive and massive. I'm pleased I went there with someone though, I would have gotten so lost otherwise.


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