Friday, February 24, 2012

Stunning hot blue dome day today. Had nine hours' sleep (unusual) so feeling very rested (was also late for work.)

Had berry smoothie for lunch and popped down to American Rag for a wee vintage shop. I used to love opping as a teenager for my velvet jackets and floral skirts (teamed with my ankle boots, motheaten brown cardi and long greasy braids, SO 1995); years of high street followed; and now things come full circle and I find myself back to the old second hand shops. I like the idea of buying something second hand that has lasted this long and is bound to last longer. The church shop near the Erk has also seen a lot of my customer of the last few months - and I have never spent more than $15 a go which counters some of the more overpriced items in upmarket vintage shops.

Three more days of gainful employment left. Was told it will be 'painfully' quiet once I leave. I am flattered.

And because I am in such a sunny mood today, I am not going to dwell on how utterly incompetent property managers are. I moved out Chez Smuth four years ago, paid $50 for the privelege of having my name taken off the lease, only to find out last week my name is still on the RTBA transfer form. Four. Years. Ago. Truly terrifying and almost humourous. I vented my spleen on product Felt slightly and probably more practical than the faceplanting conversation I would have had with the property managers themselves. Pack of see you next Tuesdays.

Anyway, weekend! Sun, some gin and tonic, but first I must go to the gym for some pre-penance.