Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Am currently deriving much laughter from this: http://www.quickmeme.com/First-World-Problems/

I say this ironically, of course, because the lion's share of things I (as well as my contemporaries) worry about fall reasonably neatly into this bucket - and my blog probably wouldn't exist without whingeing about such items as as:
- OMFG - run in brand new pantihose! Have to chuck them out!
- Going to Canada and Cuba on same holiday! Have to pack for summer and winter! (BJ)
- Tired after sitting on my arse all day! But now have to go to personal trainer!
- Six weeks' off work coming up! I won't be able to buy new clothes and may have to curb New York shopping budget!

Of course, I will defend myself. I'm not really that shallow, although I do think we get caught up in our first world problems. Not all of the things I fret about are necessarily first world problems (wanting to find a life partner, valid. Being upset that people who shouldn't be dead are dead, equally valid, hometown flattened by fucking fucking earthquake, very valid) but it does help in putting things in perspective. Occasionally.