Monday, April 25, 2011

Now the daily grind of life has paused, I find myself sleeping 12 hours a day and spoinging off the hospitality of a kind family down in Torkers; very relaxing and lovely. Am actually a bit over the hot cross buns and chocolate now. Never thought I would say that.

And as the media sharks continue on feeding frenzy of royal nuptials, am I the only one who thinks that spending the wedding night at Granny's house is a little odd? Can just imagine it 'you kids alright in there? Warm enough? There's an extra doona in the cupboard if you need one' etc.

It's not that I particularly care about the wedding itself and I don't really care particularly for the royals either. It's the historical bit and the fact the world will watch that interests me.

Back to CV. Frickin CV.

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