Monday, April 18, 2011

Five Good Things

Whenever I am having a whinge my mother tells me to list five good things, right then and there. And considering the amount of whingeing I have been doing lately, I should probably lay some out. So.

1. I fucking love woggy hilarious cab drivers (an increasingly rare commodity in this city), especially ones that take us from Chapel st to Richmond and take part in our hilarious pisstake of drunken short businessman texting on iphone in line to the feral swan at midnight.

2. Leather blazers, like for instance, the one I have just bought.

3. Hot cross buns, espcially the ones from Brioche on Queen St. They have so much fruit in them it's like eating your five f&vs for the day. And they are fucking delish.

4. My friend Tim with his gammy eye.

5. The hot mint chocolate I am about to make.

Right. Back to some CV updatage.