Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Am driving everyone (housemates, friends, lovers, people at local cafe etc) barmy with my Thailand countdown. 18 sleeps to go people!!!! And of course that means 18 days til I get to hang out with my little sister whom I haven't seen since Xmas. Hurrahs all around.

Going to the tropics does mean I have to be inoculated however, and this morning I forked out $145 for the privilege of being jabbed in the arm. I hate jabs, I would almost rather have a pap smear (I said almost). Nurse (Jo, in early 40s, lovely) indulged me and gave me a jelly bean to stop my whining. She also said, while I was waiting out the prescribed time in the nurse's room post-jab, that 10 cigarettes a week was 'hardly something to worry about' but 'not to tell anyone' she said that.