Thursday, September 23, 2010

Its rare I have a proper girlcrush (being straight and all) but at the moment I must admit to having a bit of a thing for Joan Holloway.

That necklace with a pen on it! The graceful way she lights her fag! Those curves!

If she had been around when I had been younger and more impressionable there is a good chance I would have felt better about having boobs and bum. Unfortunately my formative years were filled with images of waify little grungers.

I see pics of me now at 16 - I was about 58 kilos, petite and pretty with the boobs that I have today. I thought I was fat and stumpy and gross. Maybe someone told me how pretty I was, but I don't remember.

So really must make most of my 30 year old looks now. Particularly when someone tells me I look nice.

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