Friday, September 17, 2010

Conversation between Beej & Miche. (I am not going to provide any context. Can't be bothered)

Miche: But which dress should I wear? I mean, which one has more motorboat?

BJ: They both have massive motorboat. You have massive motorboat....I have ....a little tinny.

Miche: hahahah Tinny. I have a motorboat and you have a little dingy with two little oars

BJ: You have a massive ocean trawler and I have a little tinny with a fold up out board. haha

Miche: I have a Titanic, and yours wouldn't even make the Melbourne-Launceston

BJ: AHAHAHA, I have a rubber raft and you have a Passenger Ferry

Miche: Are we thirty? Like, really?

BJ: Yup, apparently.