Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Christ almighty it is fecking cold. The 15 denier I opted for at 7.30 this morning was possibly not the smartest idea I have had, and was shivering in my nylon for most of the day. Bloody winter. So, lets examine some good shit about winter, as I sit with a cup of milky tea, my mohair blanket and heater on number 5 setting.

1. You can wear scarves. Scarves are cool.
2. It is never too hot to sleep
3. Some winter mornings are fragile and pretty and blue
4. Colleague has gone to Hotham with his kids, means I have office to myself
5. It is July now, so H-bag is back for her yearly conference
6. Fuck that reminds me I must post Rox's card
7. My KNEE HIGH DUO BOOTS in chocolate brown are making frequent appearances
8. There is no shame in staying home cos the weather is too shit (actually, scratch that. There is no excuse for any such thing amongst my social circle. )
9. SOUP.
10. Daylesford with the girls next weekend