Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Preface: I have hovered around the sz 14 mark for much of my adult life, and as a result have been mostly able to buy items in shops that flatter and hide and accentuate. I fully accept that I will not be able to wear such items as maxi dresses and mega skinny jeans, not because life is unfair, but because they simply do fuckall for a five foot three hourglass. Despite my enjoyment of a glass of wine, and despite the occasional fag, I am pretty healthy. I very rarely pick up viruses, I can run for an hour non stop and sometimes beat my friends in arm wrestles. I am no supermodel but my body does everything I want it to.

Main bit: Now, I am supportive of any entrepreneurial individual who wants to have a crack at the clothing industry, particularly in a sector that may have been overlooked, that being the plus size industry. I say, go girls, awesome.

The thing I have an ever so small issue with is the moniker one of these well meaning women has employed:
'Real Women Have Curves'

Well, yes. This is true. But surely, every woman is a 'real woman' no matter what size she is. Even if she is a petite size 6 and has no boobs to speak of, even if she is athletic and built like a thoroughbred racehorse. You are still womanly no matter how curvaceous or not you happen to be.

Making something reverse exclusive like this is not very helpful, sorry girls.

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