Thursday, April 29, 2010

There I was a couple of weeks ago walking through Melbourne airport on a Sunday afternoon, and a nice looking man of about my age asked me if I would like a wine.

Unfortunately that is about as saucy as this story gets, as the aforesaid male was working for Wine Selectors, flogging quality wines at very affordable prices, and the woman he was asking was me. And asking me if I want a wine is kind if like asking a starving dog if he would like a juicy sirloin, especially when that poor animal has bene forced to go to Parramatta again on a Sunday night.

Was plugged with the affordable top quality wine. I even decided which ones I rather liked. And then thought why not, I'll sign up. Gave my credit card details and giggled at Wine Selector Guy (Lindsay, Taurean, has girlfriend from Auckland) and then got on plane and promptly forgot about whole thing.

Got home at 9pm after boring frustrating day and there, smiling up at me in the foyer, was an enormous carton of wine, bursting with complex cassis aromas and layers of inky plum textures. Day instantly improved, and am currently making some initial observations of the Riposte Pinot Noir 2009 (initial thoughts - its red and yummy).