Friday, April 23, 2010

Have a new hobby, people. And this time it does not involve fair trade bananas.

Little Sister is currently doing her honours (NB: this will make her more qualified than me by the end of the year, which I am sure I will get over, just as one day I will get over the fact she got 343 in bursary and I got 325, but then she didn't take maths with stats and didn't have Mrs Molloy who was lovely couldn't teach, but I digress) and asked me if I would mind doing some research for her here in Melbourne. Certainly wouldn't mind, I said, and off I went to the state library of victoria, which is not only a place for free intertubes, but also a place of drawers upon drawers of microfiche, storing local paper copies since time immemorial.

Found some very useful material on Phillie's research topic (sport & politics) and then immersed myself in old classified ads 'Toorak Road property, $80,000, auction on April 8' 'winfield blue, 12c, that smooth classic taste' and historic headlines 'Kerr's Cur' etc. It wasn't until the security guard came and gently reminded me that it was closing time I even looked up.

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