Monday, February 15, 2010

Paraphrase of conversation between Baggage and me, last night @ Moroccan Soup Bar.

'There was this guy in first year...'
'Not that one who came onto you when you were with Shannon?'
'yeah, that's the one, we did computer science together and he was really nice. God, what was his name?'
'Yeah I remember the one, he and you used to have lunch together and he went in for the pash and you were like 'no' cos you were going out with someone else!'
'Yeah, what a waste too, was cute! and Shannon was such, a dick.'
'Daniel! that's right. That was his name! God, how did you remember that?'
'Good memory, Kezza.'
'Stupidly good. I don't need a memory when I have you around.'
'No, it's like I am your external memory.'
'Yeah! My external hard drive!'