Sunday, February 07, 2010

Why am I not at the G right now? I am sitting on the couch watching the ODI on the telly in my stuffy loungeroom, and have just been forced to turn Tony Greig up due to the fucking fucking neighbours, who are banging and crashing and yelling through the wall. Fuck knows what they are up to. (I will not miss the neighbours here. 2am last Sunday morning I was awakened by the couple through the party wall once more, not making love (as I have heard more times than I care to relate. She sounds like a rusty old rotary mower) but having a loud, and presumably drunken, argument. After at least twenty minutes, including some hysterical screaming from her regarding him leaving her at a pub on her own, I banged on the wall with my shoe. Probably not the nicest thing to do, but it had the desired result, ie it shut them up.)

Where was I? Oh yes. I am not at the MCG right now, I would like to be. I love the cricket. But I have been a bit anxious, crap and stressed out over the last couple of weeks, and with minimal sleep and food, I have not been at optimum performance levels, and trying to organise a day to the cricket was a bit outside my capabilities. However this weekend I have had my hair done and gone for big walks, watched the hangover rather than had one myself, gone for a run and lay in the sun. Batteries starting to feel a bit more charged.