Sunday, November 22, 2009

It occurs to me that I am a bit of a geek fangirl at times, and some of the pilgrimages this year have included Chatsworth (Pride & Prejudice obsession), Scienceworks (Star wars 4eva), and seeing Pearl Jam (natch) on Friday night.

But recently I made a visit which cements my status as a great big geek (it could also destroy what credibility I have when I say, no, I don't really care that much for Australian soaps.)

I went and visited Pin Oak Court, the most famousest street in Melbourne, if not Australia, and had my photo taken outside number 22 (formerly the house of Paul & Gail, now houses some randomers including that chick from Altogether Now.)

Much smaller and hillier than I imagined, and a guy in a security van parked at the end of the cul de sac. Just your average suburban street really.

Just have to go out to Minyip now, and things will be complete.