Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blog of the week: www.jo-joblogs.blogspot.com
Quote of the week: ‘What? You mean like….his Dingle driving to her County Kerry?’
Vile British comedy that Paddy made me watch of the week: BoSelecta. So awesome.

Torture target of the week: IT boy at work, who is still off the fags after 12 days. Poor bastard now is a shivering heap of stress due to a) lack of any sort of viable IT infrastructure in office, b) me, torturing him with ‘smoking yet’ ‘how about now?’ ‘And …. Now?’ ‘and…what’s that lady on your computer screen doing?’
Best actress in a drama: My flatmate, obvs
Shop of the week: Books upstairs, on Dame St, two non fiction hardbacks for €20
Mini break destination of the week: Cork for weekend. Setting off down there in style on plane, as bus prohibitively shit and takes 5 hours.