Thursday, August 09, 2007

Picked up my handbag this morning, and noticed it was uncommonly heavy. Cause of this was the veritable load of schrapnel in my coin purse, having accumulated a bit more than usual this week, for some benign reason. Right, methinks, this will do for tram fare this morning. So on I get the 109, and start feeding my coins into one of Yarra Trams' well maintained efficient ticket vending machines.... Well would you look at that, it's not working, my coins are being rejected. Red haired woman next to vending machne says 'yes, everyone seems to be having that problem this morning' I'm like, fine fine. Lovely, free trip to work and if an inspector gets on he/she will get an earful.

So coins rejected = fine.

Story of schrapnel takes dramatic twist about half an hour ago, I go to vend my coins into a very different type of vending machine: the junk food vending machine on level 2. Home of crisps, pretzels, chocolate bars and other assorted afternoon lovely pickemups.

Choose Boost bar (biscuit bits, caramel and chocolate and sugar in one easy hit. Yummy). Make selection on keypad. Enter coins.

With strange sense of de ja vu, I notice that the same coins have been returned to me.

Put coins in again. S-l-o-w-l-y.

Coins vomited back out.

Put coins in again - VIGOROUSLY

Coins returned.

Repeat, several times.

Chocolate so close, but so far away.

Finance chick comes along, experiences same issue.

So, coins rejected = not fine.

You think there would be a moral to this story, but there isn't, and I'm just having a whinge cos there is chocolate and I can't reach it. Odd for it to happen the on the same day however. And no, I wasn't accidentally using NZ currency either before anyone thinks I am having a Bridget moment.

Right I'm off out for dinner now. I have to buy a ticket for the train though to get there. Wish me luck.