Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I have never tried to be a fashion guru, and with a short, cuvry figure such as mine, one has to make careful choices in clothes, but I would like to think I dress for my type most of the time. So I am a little embarrassed to be passing judgement here. But.

It has to be said.

It sounds bitchy, and maybe it is.

But, someone has to say it.

Spotted girl @ Richmond station last night wearing seethrough tights, longish t-shirt and highish heels. She had thighs in the vicinity of mine (largish) and as she walked up the ramp her (white) knickers were clearly discrenable through the tights.

This winter’s fashion. Smocks? Leggings? T-shirts with belts c 1983? No. No no no no no. No. Opposite of flattering. I can deal with the pinafores, can almost abide a bubble skirt, but this look is bad, girls. Move away from it.Not. At. All. Good.

Stella, or whoever makes the decisions, please bring back the wrap dresses of last season. Out with the sacks.