Thursday, July 26, 2007

Going postal

After entirely frustrating morning concerning myself, APO and yet another lost package, I ran screaming from the building and took refuge down at my local Priceline, a haven of peace, harmony and beauty products. I entered the premises as was in need of deodorant (no, I don’t stink, I have run out), and came out with:
- Toothpaste (Tim refuses to share his with me as my nethod of squeezing the tube ‘scares’ him)
- A coke zero (390ml – just realised that negates brushing my teeth at all)
- Body collection exfoliating body polish in Orchid (to help rid self of dry winter skin)
- Bath sponge in white (see above)
- Nivea Pearl and Shine lip care (compromise between blistex and lip gloss)
- Nivea Visage active purifying mask (twin)
- Simple soap facial cleansing mousse (running out)
- Weight watchers chocolate chip cookuies (yum)
- Rexona anti persirant clear action, unbeatable against white marks in Cystal.

Also, Hoself and myself went to the NGV for the Guggenheim exhibition last night which very very intense but cool. Note to self: don’t wear work heels when trying to stand for 2 hours.

Then, in the interests of ‘deconstructing’ the exhibition, we popped down to Riverlands on the Yarra for some olives and some red wine. Lovely mild winter's night. Picture moment.