Friday, June 01, 2007

Am having a morning fraught with mishap. Allow me, readers, to list the following:
1. Get up, pop heater on low setting so room would warm up while I was in shower.
2. Have shower. Hmm hot shower. Hmmm.
3. Come back to room. Towel dry hair (hair now very long, so takes longer to dry)
4. Switch on hairdryer
5. Hairdryer switches itself off. Fuse tripped. Clocks flashing. Bugger!
6. Oh, hang on, heater also off. Brr.
7. Get dressed.
8. Oh hell, hair wet. Right. Go check fuse board. Pop fuse up. Nice. Check me out, a girl who knows how to work a fuse board (3 years @ Meridian taught me one or two things)
9. Go back to room. Locate multi box. Pop little breaker button back in. Switch on hairdryer. Dry hair. (leave heater off)
10. Pop downstairs in anticipation of leaving house. Tyler, overnight visitor, says ‘erm, you have water dripping from ceiling.’ Fuckit! Again!
11. Go upstairs. Water indeed on tiles. This is an ongoing issue, which obviously the landlords refuse to fix. Fuckers.
12. Finally leave house. Walk then get bus. Get to work @ 9.04
13. 9.05. Reach for donut on Jeff’s desk. Upend his 'zen garden'. (see left) Salt goes everywhere. People laugh at me scopping up salt under desk and little zen rocks etc. Unable to locate salt in kitchen area. Sugar will do.
14. ‘Er, that sugar will attract ants, Michelle.’ Too bad. “Jeff, I have a confession.’
15. He is totally cool with it.

So am currently working, tried to my desk so I don’t spill, trip or leak anything again, and have left two messages on property managers voicemail plus sent her an email. Incompetent bastards.

Fuck it!!! Anyway it’s Friday so things are salvageable. Going to go and have sushi shortly.