Saturday, December 17, 2005

I love Saturdays. Market, Saturday Age, latte and a chilli and cheese scroll, and this Saturday I went for a run. Well, when I say run I mean a very very slow jog, but I didn't stop and it took 25 mins. By christ I am going to get there.

On a totally different subject, it dawned on me some time ago that the only holidays I have taken since arriving in Australia nearly 2 years ago are to NZ and back again. NOT that these holidays have been crap, in fact they have been mighty fun and showing Andrew round the South Is in March was bloody cool, but, it seemed that that is where my leave/money was going. NOT anymore, darlings. As of this month, I am off to see one of my favourite couples in the universe, Consuela and Bigdave, who live in Brissie. Am staying there for 4 nights over NYs and trying on bridesmaids dresses, having lots of red wine and girly goss, etc.

And THEN, in March, I am embarking on a big tour of the Outback, starting in Adelaide for 2 nights, then tour for 8 days through Clare Valley & Flinders Ranges, Coober Pedy, Uluru and the Olgas, and finally ending up in Alice Springs, where I will stay 2 nights before flying to Sydney to meet up with Staplegun, who will be on first leg of OE. COOL! So excited, can't wait. So I paid for the flights yesterday, and now am quite poor. But that's all good. It will be the trip of next year and I just can't wait. Good job have sexy new camera to take sexy images of the Rock, etc.

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Buzhag said...

Plans look great .... maybe I should come with just kidding!