Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"It is a truth universally acknowledged..."

Am feeling ambivalent about the new Pride & Prejudice. The 1996 BBC Production (with dishy dishy Colin Firth - whose Mr Darcy, incidentally, currently has pride of place on my screensaver), was, let's face it, TV gold. Not entirely sure about pouty Keira playing Lizzy. Lizzy is smart and strong and modern, and I don't know if Keira has the smarts to play her. However, I entirely support choice of Matthew McFadyen as Darcy, he being of the gravelly-voiced, broad-chested "Spooks" guy. Yum yum. Will reserve judgement til end of October.

In other news, just had a major win at work. Feeling quite full of myself. Then I remembered End of Week Deadline, and broke into cold sweat. Muh!


Ben S said...

hey michelle,
you had any problems putting pics on your blog? for some reason I can't do it anymore as nothing happens when I download the pic. Oh ye blogmaster any advice would be much appreciated, for thine blog is now a pile of garbled text.

Claire said...

That Matthew MacFadyn (sp?) is a bit scrummy though, isn't he?

Mark said...

It looks like shit. Everyone on the trailer appears to be trying to mimic the old one rather than bring something new to it (like Burton has supposedly done with the new Charlie).

I'll probably go and see it but with the original being 5 hours long, I doubt it will have the same impact.