Sunday, November 28, 2004

This is what happened.

People who know me, know I can be a little extroverted at times. They also
know how I don't mind enjoying a drink now and then. So, on Tuesday when I
received an email from a colleague who knows a reporter at The Age who was
doing a story on the drinking habits of professionals in their 20's, I
jumped at the chance for fame and fortune.

(Well a small 15 secs of fame, and no fortune, but I got my picture in The Age yesterday morning, which is the purpose of this blog).

So there I was on Tuesday, getting phone interviewed about my drinking over the last
weekend. Not a good example of my weekends, to be honest. I drank quite a lot of punch on Sat night/Sun morning, and ended up slightly worse for wear on Sunday. The conversation went something like this:
(italics denote thoughts)
Interviewer: So, Michelle, you drink on a regular basis?
Michelle: (Shit) Um, yes, I suppose so...weekends I often drink quite a bit
Interviewer: How much is "quite a bit"?
Michelle: Erm, um, er, (bugger, what to say without sounding like I have a problem???) oh one or 2 I spose, just to wind down, you know?
Interviewer: And last weekend? How much did you drink then?
Michelle: (Next question please) Er, oh, well, it was a special occasion, we had a party at our house, and there was a bit of drinking involved...
Interviewer: So how much did you have to drink then?
Michelle: How much? (Fuck)
Interviewer: yes, how many drinks do you think you had on the weekend? Saturday night, for instance?
Michelle: (Shit, well, I don't like to count, my mother always said it was rude to do that, and okay, about twenty, at least, but fuck off what a night that was,) Erm, about 10 glasses of punch, I suppose, can't really remember...
Interviewer: uh-huh...And what was in this punch?
Michelle: (what wasn't?) Er, a litle bit of vodka, some bacradi, and lots and lots of fruit juice.
Interviewer: Oh, okay, so about 10 units of alcohol last weekend then? Would that be accurate??
Michelle: (and then some, mate) Yes, Yes it would.

So apparently the safe guideline for women is 1-2 standard drinks a day, so clearly, I have a binge-drinking problem. Seriously, i think I need help.

Go here for the article. My picture, fortunatly, is not there, as it is in the paper. (Holding wine glass, looking like a pissed 20 something).

That will be all, for now. I have to go get a beer before my liver implodes.

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