Friday, October 29, 2004

Plan for this evening:

5.30 - leave work
6pm - get home
6-7.30 - have dinner, watch Simpsons, chill out.
7.30 - have bath - beautify, tidy room, organise
9pm go to bed for 8 hours beauty sleep, read book, drift off to sleep

Reality for this evening:

5.28 - pack bag, shut down computer
5.29 - receive call. Scream inwardly about bloody people bloody calling at this time on a Friday.
5.40 - finally finish work.
5.45 - Run to bus. Miss. Stand in cold for 15 mins.
6pm - Board bus. Bus is then stuck in traffic down Punt Road. Think could have walked faster. Stay on bus due to limiting stiltto heels.
6.30 - get home
7.30 - Eat, watch Simpsons
8 pm Have shower. Wash hair, as won't have time in morning, De-fuzz, ex-fol, moisturise. Top up fake tan. Pluck eyebrows.
9pm -Clean off spiky ring round bath tub.
9.03 - Do nails.
9.10 - Try on emsemble for tomorrow
9.11 - Get fucked off, should have started diet 2 months ago. Moan at fat rolls and flabby arms.
9.15 - Have calming baileys and fag
9.16 - Think about everyone else's outfit, feel inferior and frumpy.
9.17 - Drop hot coal on good skirt, put hole in it. Panic
9.18 - Have another baileys
9.20 - Flatmates come home, suggest quiet drink at pub.
9.30-2.30 drink and carouse through Richmond, ending up at Termi for "flat meeting".
3am get home from Termi. Pissed.

Calm, calm, calm.

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