Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Resurrection of the Hate List.

It begins thusly, with the list of CS's hates for 2012.

- I still hate graduates. And lawyers.
- Women who openly mock me for the fact that I watch Offspring. Because they are way too intellectual and busy to watch something so trashy.  Why don't you remove that pole from your arse and fuck the fuck off??
- The Craigieburn line. WORST TRAIN LINE EVER.  It's delayed, then it's cancelled, then it's jam packed full of spuds.
- When I tell people I work in HR and they say "does that mean you hire and fire people?". Honestly, have you been living under a rock for the last 20 years? I wish I could hire you so I could immediately fire you.
- Attention seekers, especially those who post deliberately controversial statements on facebook. Stop trying to make everyone look at you, and how about shut the fuck up - no one gives a shit about you or your uneducated opinion and your 'five laps of the Tan never felt so relaxing'.
- People who are always "so busy" and "so stressed" because their job/life/existence is so fucking hectic and important. NEWSFLASH - we are all busy and you are no more important than anyone else (especially me), get over yourself. (Note:  I reserve the right to continue to say how busy and stressed I always am)
- People who ask me "when are you moving back to Brisbane?". Quite possibly never because I don't want to live in the same city as you.
- That annoying blonde bitch on the sportsbet ad.
- Seal on The Voice. The way he inappropriately touched all the girls on "Team Seal" after they sang made me vom in my mouth. Keep your hands to yourself you creep!!

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