Thursday, May 03, 2012

Opaque tights are very much on right now, due to the boring damp cold of Melbourne winter bearing thoroughly and prematurely down on us. And opaque tights are smart, and generally warmer than trousers, so I have many many pairs.

However, one such pair was clearly not in the reliable category, and has now been  tossed angrily in the direction of my bathroom rubbish bin, due to rolling precariously halfway down my thighs, halfway down Exhibition St, when I was halfway to a meeting this arvo*.  I attempted to walk with my knees pressed together, but nothing doing. The fucking tights, either shrunk in a warm wash or protesting against my NYC undiet, came arolling down aided by gravity. Not my classiest moment, as I attempted to hitch them back up, in full view of lunchtime foot traffic. So not fucking impressed.

That's the only accident I have had today. So not doing too badly. Apart from minor incident with the baking paper this evening.

*Yes, have decided to grace the labour market with my presence again, at least for a little while.

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