Friday, December 09, 2011

Things that are making me laugh this week:
- Liam Gallagher's quotes. The guy's a twat, but if he is taking the piss, fair fucks to him.

Things that are making me pissed off this week:
- Whatever creature threw projectile at the car, resulting in dentage.
- Panelbeaters and their overuse of the word 'love.' Patronising fuckheads.

Things that make me smile this week:
- Eccentric bra salesladies in DJs
- Self present(new handbag) DJs
- Planning trip to back to Ireland (long overdue)
- The lovely elderly gentleman from the salvos on Bourke St shaking his tin. God bless me indeed.

Things that make me what to cry this week:
-Groin injuries and the black caps quad. Am pretending that we don't play cricket anymore. It's just too painful.

Things that I am really looking forward to at the end of this week
- A gin and tonic
- A weekend
- A catch up with Little S and the HoBag.

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Sabeen said...

A very Happy New Year to you.
Here are some funny new year resolutions that I came across