Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ugh, Sunday night yet again. What will become a carrot cake is currently baking in the oven, have had a quick session in Brunswick, and am now chilling out and watching doco on SBS (Kissinger), as is my wont.

This time last year was in Thailand with my sister. Seriously need a break; I have worked non-stop since February. Contracts over the end of year period are like hen's teeth though, so mustn't whinge (much).

B&D got married last weekend, was totally beautiful, followed by most excellent pissup lasting til 4am with much homebrew and only a little of scandal. I was mauled by some very naughty mosquitoes and had to apply emergency toilet paper to my arm for 20 mins.

Yup, it's a slow news time in my life right now, fo sho.