Friday, October 21, 2011

Take that

Things on this blog have been getting progressively bullety over the last few months / years, probably due to:
- my job as a writer of documents
- er, that's about it.

Will revert to the free flowing prose today.

For the very first time in my adult life, I can say with as much certainty as possible that I owe no money to anyone.* Like most students I had to borrow to pay for my degree, which started as law / arts double, and metamorphised to an Arts English Lit (oh how useful James Joyce has been to me) by the end in 2001. It took me 4 years to complete, essentially because I was very lazy and very burnt out after 2nd year law. Fortunately due to working quite a lot during my degree (sometimes even 35+ hours per week, if my memory serves me correctly and it generally does) I only ever had a loan for course fees rather than living costs - so I was very lucky.

I made as deal with the IRD a few years ago after I left the country to pay $1000 a year to pay off my student loan, but didn't realise until I saw a statement in 2008 how close I was to actually getting rid of the last debt I had. I haven't had a credit card for years, I never have bought a car in Australia (although it might be an idea) and because of very little effort, I have yet to get a mortgage either (this will happen in the next few years). Our much adored Poppa left us a few months ago, and as an indirect consquence I had a little surplus. So, thought I, I will pay silly thing off.

Paid silly thing off. Mum received letter saying the balance was 9 cents, and an accompanying letter saying it was paid off. So that was nice.

Sense of something achieved now. So bought myself a nice candle from spoilt. Might have a quiet wine.

* I say this now I have checked with BJ and Moulder and no, I owe them no drinking money for the time being.)