Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So as I walked home this afternoon, across the Merri creek bridge, having quickly popped out for broccoli, (working from home today – 40 documents to produce by end of next week, somehow) I indulged myself in a little fantasy. Cos fantasies are fun – just ask that chick from Offspring.

I fantasised I would get home, and after weeing, and find that:
- the letterbox would contain not just the mail of five departed flatmates, but the cashback cheque from Acer I am waiting on;
- new email notification would be waiting advising that Trip to Singapore was organised, including a weekend in Malaysia for being the best consultant the team has ever had;
- money would be credited to my account from my ex boss along with a quick voicemail to say 'sorry for the four month wait', and 'we have added on a bonus as a severance'.

None of the above happened. Perhaps I should be more realistic in my waking lucid dreams.