Friday, March 04, 2011

Quite difficult to know what to say here.

The funeral was sad, but fine. Jack had a great turnout, despite the brown dust flinging itself everywhere around town, and then a few cronies came back here and drank with us. Good job we had beer here of course, as we didn't have running water until last night.

Truly grateful that no-one close to us died in the disaster. And truly grateful for the sense of humour in my family when dealing with: the organic bog out the back (truly awesome kiwi ingenuity: large bucket, grass clippings, a shovel); the constant boiling of water, having to use bottled water to brush teeth, etc. Only thing of real note at Mum & dads is the pool is cracked, and the fact the bedroom door in my old room is skewed so that it can't be shut - minor things. My paternal grandmother is currently living at Chez St Martins also, as her house isn't quite liveable yet. All manageable. Have felt a few tremors, not very nice. Touch wood.

Went for a walk and saw the old library exposed. The old New World is not going to be re-opened. I saw a couple of guys in diggers playing dodgems and spoke to some nice people around the neighbourhood helping to clean up.

The weather here is quite lovely - I haven't been home at this time for three years and had forgotten how nice the early autumn is. A dip in the pool would be nice, if the pool hadn't drained itself.