Thursday, December 02, 2010

In the office, watching the rain teem down and people rushing past with wet umbrellas, am attempting to keep post holiday blues at bay by reminding myself of many, many things to look forward to over summer (when it feels like arriving), including but not limited to:

- Safety Beach Bumming down on Peninsula
- Christchurch for Christmas
- My 31st birthday. Which I am REALLY looking forward to, cos it's just a number and I have lots to look forward to
- Whirl of social engagements in Melbourne prior to then
- NYE - party has been organised, not by me, and not at my house, bonus
- time off work. To find a new job, amongst other things
- Going down to Torkers with Leesh and going to vile-but-fun Torquay pub
- Wearing my Thailand purchases on beach