Thursday, November 25, 2010

This ain't taming of the shrew, ya know.

Was sitting on glistening beach last Sunday, minding my own business, reading in a deckchair and considering a swim, when my phone started chirping. Now, considering the only time the phone had rung in the last 2 weeks the call had come from those Tards at Telstra to tell me I hadn't paid my bill, I would have been well within my rights to ignore it and go back to my Michael Crichton. However, I looked at it, and as soon as I saw the caller ID, I knew what had just happened.

My little sister Phillie is getting married. I mean, how cool is that? Apart from the fact she is actually still 12 in my mind. My soon to be brother-in-law actually told me four months ago he was intending to ask her when she arrived in Berlin but not to tell anyone. It was pointed out to me at the time he was simply validating what he was going to do with a close member of his future wife's family, but I am not convinced he didn't come up with this whole thing just to torture me with having to keep my big mouth shut. So I managed to shuddit for all those months, including 14 days I spent with my sister (and it was just the two of us. And we got drunk several times.)

Thrilled, thrilled, thrilled. So nice to have something good happen in
my family. Father's reaction: 'Do you think I will have to sell the motorbike?'

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