Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Currently nursing a 5 oclock hangover in lovely airconned comfort of guesthouse. So far we have gone to the Grand Palace and the other palace MBK, and been hassled (good naturedly and nastily) by local tuktuk drivers. Bangkok is hot, loud and fun. Food and beer delicious and cheap. Very drunk last night along Kao San Road, Phillie pointed out to me this morning (over my moaning) that backing up to beer after 3 mojitos was not that clever, (I was in a good mood and it seemed like a good idea at the time.) I think she and I are dick-all right now, as she managed to put soy sauce on her pancakes this morning. /Fail.

Guesthouse is run by cheerful middle aged lady and a ladyboy in her mid twenties, the latter of whom we got in trouble with for arriving late and having the wrong flight numbers. I don't think she has forgiven us yet.

In totally unrelated news, Baggage has advised she is getting married (thrilled), and I have to find a new job before Xmas (not thrilled but hardly devo'ed).

Time for a hair of the dog I think. And a curry.

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