Monday, January 04, 2010

Post from my hot, hot thighs*

FOAH in NZ for some time, so have apartment to myself, which although not unwelcome, meant I hadn't spoken to anyone all day until 5.30. Walking home from supermarket this evening, there was another woman, perhaps older than I, walking her dog along the other side of the street whilst swigging out of a VB can. Her dog took a liking to me and then she proceeded to speak to me for the next few minutes, commenting on my boobs, 'fabulous, darl! do you have boning in that dress to hold those up?', and my sunburn: 'cold tea should help that, darl'.

Quite like the 3068 these days, even if not quite the cultural melting pot of the Rich-Island.

*sunburnt, heat from laptop making them hotter.