Monday, November 09, 2009

Colleague: What did you get up on the weekend with your sister then?

Me: Oh we had lots of fun. Ended up going out to Scienceworks.

Colleague: Oh, um, how old is your sister?

Me: She's 25.

Colleague: (surprised) Oh, um, riiiiiiiight.

Scienceworks is a museum out in the industrial suburb of Spotswood, and is primarily aimed at school aged children, hence the abovementioned bemusement. But for the last four months they have hosted this , and naturally the sister and I popped off out there on Sunday. I then got propositioned by a scout trooper. Life actually complete now.

Connex, being the highly professional customer centric organisation that they are, thoughtfully gave us a lovely scenic tour of the Western suburbs including the thriving metropolis of Laverton. Just delightful to finally see for ourselves the oil refineries from the comfort of a non air-conditioned train replacement bus in 36 degree heat. I was all ready to provide some constructive feedback to the Connex man at Footscray, but he had a kind face with a mo and I couldn't bring myself to do it.