Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So this morning I was having a small crisis. Well, actually, to be more accurate, I was having a smalls crisis. My knicker drawer was looking very tired and very old, and despite me being well on top of my laundering, the best it could offer me this morning was not, shall we say, very appetising.

So I did what any normal woman would do, and took myself down to DFO for lunch. Popped into La Figure, as I knew they have very feminine pieces as well as nice practical pieces. After selecting a couple of your daily neat and tidy pairs, I chose a couple of reasonably cheeky ones. Why not? Might as well try and feel like a woman, even if no-one gets to see them.

Off I rocked up to the counter, and then saw a washbag for delicates and added that to the pile as well. Shop lady (other side of 40, plump and quite sweet looking, despite looking pretty grumpy) began scan the purchases and fold them up.

'Oh, wow', an English accent was clearly discernible, even from that short sentence.
I looked up from fossicking around in the handbag for wallet. 'Pardon?'
'Oh wow,' she repeated, this time holding up the very very pretty knickers, which were lacey and pale green, and to be honest, very brief. 'I would never wear these'.
I smiled, but was thinking, 'so?'
'Well, they are very ... well, small, aren't they? I could never wear that.' She very very quickly eyed my figure (I'm not a small thing) and went back to her scanning.

Hmmm. I had forgotten about English shopgirls. Amused me a little rather than pissed me off the way it used to - way to treat customers love. Someone should have told her in training that commenting on a woman in Australia wearing a g-string is a bit stupid, hardly the road to whoresville that it might be in other english speaking nations. But was she actually going further than that? Was she saying that *I* didn't have the body for it?

I could care less actually. Got back to the office and admired my new purchases (the boys are out of the office today). I smiled a little as I cut the tag off the offensive pair. 'Embracing your curves' it said. Hee!