Sunday, July 06, 2008


Arrived this morning at 7am on the train from Krakow - very interesting experience sleeping on a train with 5 other people in your compartment. Was quite nice to be lying down looking at the stars from the train, listening to my ipod. Prague very pretty, hot, teaming with tourists. Quickly becoming experts at finding stuff and navigating unfamiliar metros, etc.

Friday was wet and mild and we were off to see some of the things that Krakow is close to. We did go to Auchwhitz which was devastating, and the salt mine which was pretty cool. Also did a communism tour with this dude Piotr who took us round (in this soviet era car that was so loud it sounded like a bus and is so environmentally unfriendly it is banned in most countries) round the old soviet built district - very interesting. And staying at a great hostel meant going out for a bit of a boogie at this Polish (well, der) club with some of the staff....So we have seen lots but both of us a physically shattered. Krakow though? Two thumbs up. Lovely people, great hostel, generally fabulous.

Haven't seen heaps of Prague yet, got lost wandering, and now eating some bagels and refueling. Might have to lay off the booze for a couple of nights, have overdoing it a bit....

Have to go and book tickets for bus to get to Cesky Krumlov now. been trying to do it online and it's not working...

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