Monday, June 16, 2008

Phillie: I have never been more exhausted in my entire li… [snore]

London has novelty value when just popping back for the weekend. Friday had stinking hangover from work drinks the night before, and in the office everyone stunk of booze and I couldn’t wait to get on the plane. The plane of course was delayed, so didn’t get into Gatwick until 9.45. Immediately hot footed over to Old St and found cousins and sister. First time the five of us cousins had been together since 1988, so that was kind of special. Drank some, and then back to Brommers for sleep. Lazed around until late on Saturday and then we went off and saw the Queen, sat in Hyde Park, perused Covent Garden (nice, forgot about the 1000 steps at the Tube if you didn’t take the lift), had a pint, kept moving and went to Whitehall and Westminster, all v pleasant. I also now can confirm: I take very average boring pictures. See?

Sunday popped off to meet Rox and see Lear at The Globe – blimmin fantastic. So pleased to have seen it and it reminded me of why I liked Shakespeare – will try and see some more live performances. Was world class production though so it has probably spoiled me for everything else, (also player who was Edgar: hot.) Had some beers at a pub on the Thames, then Chinatown for dinner.

London has that wow factor that Dublin lacks, but Dublin is cleaner and easier, if not ever so slightly cheaper (although other people beg to differ). So was nice to get back tonight. And anyway have spent all my money.

I think am going to have to upgrade my duvet from the Penney’s special. It is made of horrid synthetic fibres and I wake up with a fever every morning. Tescos have nice 4.5 tog ones, will pop down there at some stage.