Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Example of Irish humour, part 1, to be sure.

Scene: Terminal 1, LHR, on plane on tarmac.
[said in broad Irish] 'This is your captain speaking, welcome aboard your Aer Lingus flight to Cork, the flight time is approximately an hour, and we hope you have a pleasant flight.'

STUFFY ENGLISH BUSINESSMEN: 'Cork? I am going to Dublin? What? Bloody Irish.'

IRISH PASSENGERS: 'Heee heee, what day is it today? heee heee'.

Example of Irish humour, part 2, to be sure.

Scene: cafe in temple bar.
MICHE (Kiwi, backpacker, greasy-haired and tired): Are you able to tell me the direction to College Green?
MAN BEHIND COUNTER: Well, I'll tink you'll find the college is grey, not green, unless they have painted it since this morning.