Wednesday, May 31, 2006

1.16pm Oh great! Can get flights for $234 on jetstar! that's even cheaper than what I was offered on webjet. Might book now for November.

1.21 That's right. Drat. Buggering c/c has been mutilated in debt panic frenzy a couple of weeks ago. I knew I would regret it. Ah well I know the c/c number anyway so it's all good.

1.22 Double bugger! They need the authn code!! Bugger!!! What to do??

1.23 I know, will call Kerryn.

1.30 Kerryn is super.. She has let me borrow her c/c and not to worry about when I can pay her back cos she knows where I live. Yipeee! I will pay her back tonight though.

1.35 Fuck, fuck, bollocks piss and shit. They need my passport number. I knew my old one off by heart and don't know the new one!!!!

1.36 Bugger. I wonder if Jamie is at home.

1.45 Jamie is going home @ 4 so he is going to find my passport and call me and tell me the #. All okay now!!!

2pm Provided the passport is in my top drawer.

2.01 Shit.

4.35 Jamie not answering
4.36 Still not answering
4.37 Still!
4.38 "Hey, sorry just walking in the door. Okay that only took me 20 minutes. Yay!"
"Cool thanks for that. Now it's in the top drawer of my dresser"
"Okay walking up there now.... walking into your room - oooh this is fun."
"Okay, top drawer you say? Ooh hello what's this? hehehe"
"Just find the passport please, it's blue."
"Hmmm" (rustle, rustle) "um..... can't see anything..." (rustle)
"Okay, if it's not there try in my bedside table. Now I hope you don't mind but there are girly items in there..."
"Okay, nothing's gonna bite me is it?"
"Oh very funny ha ha."
"Michelle, I have four sisters, I don't care...."
"Oh alright..."
"Okay, (rustle, rummage) Hang on, what's this? Is this an old one or a new one??" (pause) "oh okay think I have found it. Feb 2006 - ha! This is it!"
"Thanks so much. I'll buy some beer on the way home"
"Oh Miche you don't have to do that (he hee)

Exercise was logistical nightmare. not fun, but I know have $234 worth of flights to NZ. Hurrah!

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